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Free checklist to help 
improve your walking

Things you can act on today to increase your Stroke recovery

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Free Guide for Stroke Survivors

Learn about the journey of
improvement after Stroke

Click Play to hear from Shannon about how Thrive can help you...

I Help People Affected By Stroke Increase Their Movement, Confidence and Knowledge To Increase Their Improvement. 

Improve Movement

I know that improving movement after Stroke is important to a lot of people.  I also know that the support to continue doing this is limited for many people.  I will help you with guidance to address common, and not so common movement problems after stroke. Helping you increase your Stroke recovery! 

Increase Fitness

They say that "exercise is medicine".  And this is true.  Exercise has so many positive benefits, but lots of stroke survivors don't have a convenient way to consistently exercise.  My online fitness classes are the answer to this problem. 

Find Answers

People have so many questions after stroke.  I will provide all the information that I can, and connect you with other experts in areas outside my area of expertise. 

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