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My name is Shannon Cobb. I have had a successful 21 year career as a Physical Therapist helping Stroke Survivors make big leaps in progress toward their goals. I have over 400 hours of specialized training that has helped me serve my clients with unique service. But, through these 20 years, I have always felt there is so much missing for the people I serve. People are missing:

-Help to follow through with meaningful exercise that can help people push to the next level.

-Answers to questions about the different ways stroke affects a person.

-Access to the types of professionals or services that areout there to help with specific issues you may have.

Are you a Survivor or Care Partner who has had to resort to scrolling through YouTube and choosing random exercises or asking for help in an online forum? These things can be helpful- but they can generally only help so much.

So, I have launched Thrive Stroke to help support Stroke Survivors and their Care Partners. I will be brining you expert advice on exercises you can do for your self at home to move your forward. I will be bringing other experts in to provide you with education and insight to meet your specific needs. And, I will be offering virtual group fitness- because exercise is medicine- even if you have difficulty moving or balance issues.

So, this is not therapy treatment. No, this is more than that!! It is a place to ask questions, look for answers, and find new ways to exercise.

I am looking forward to the journey to bring the information and services you need to boost your improvement.



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