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Is An Issue At Your Hip Contributing To Knee Hyper Extension?

When I start helping someone who wants to abolish their knee hyper extension I look at a lot of different areas that may be contributing to it.

One key area that often needs work is increasing flexibility toward straightening the hip (called hip extension) . If a person has had the issue of the knee locking back (hyper extending), then often they are walking with some bend in the hip.

Over time, the hip can become stiff in this position. That stiffness makes it difficult to “tuck your bottom” and transition forward over your more affected foot. Those 2 things are keys to abolishing your knee hyper extension. How do you know if your hip is tight?

In this video, I share how you can do a simple test to see if your hip is tight. Then I give you some options for how to stretch this area in lying. Click Here for the Video

By loosing up the front of your hip, so you can straighten (extend), you can move forward in improving your knee hyper extension.

If you are interested in more specific plans to help knee hyper extension, you can join my Walking and Balance Boot Camp for Stroke Survivors Click Here for Boot Camp Click Here for the Boot Camp.

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