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An Easy Way To Start A Fitness Program After Stroke

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Leading health organizations recommend that Stroke Survivors participate in a fitness program. he World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150-300 minutes moderate intensity aerobic physical Activity per week for Adults living with disability1 THe American Stroke Association recommends Moderate-intensity activity: 10 min x 4 times/week Vigorous-intensity activity: 20 min x 2 times/week2. And, Fitness programs have benefits toward you Stroke Specific rehabilitation programs.

Participating in exercise that raises your heart rate and gets you a little short of breath is a good challenge for most people. And, completing a bout of fitness exercise can help boost you to complete other tasks in a day. Fitness exercise actually gives you energy!

For many Stroke Survivors it is difficult to get to a gym to use equipment. And, balance and mobility issues can make participation in group exercises classes impossible or unsafe. But there are more and more options available for people with limited mobility. There may be classes in your area that are structured to be mostly seated, with small class. These may not be specifically for Stroke Survivors, but many Survivors can participate in much of the class.

The geat thing about a seated workout is that most everyone can do a seated workout. And, you can get your heart rate up without having to worry as much about your balance. With a seated workout, it is easier to meet that 10 min x 4 times per week that is recommended by the American Stroke Association. I have found that having an interval type workout allows people to challenge themselves to their level of difficulty. That is why I structure the fitness workouts I design for Stroke Survivors in an interval style.

This week I am going to share one with you. Click here for me to send you a link to a seated one sided interval workout for Stroke Survivors.

I loved the format so much, that I recorded a workout for Stroke Survivors. It is a seated workout and I demonstrate it with only one side moving. If you want to give it a go, Click Here.

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